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25.06.2017 19:58

Hemsedal Open 2017

5.-7. august Les mer på kkpgxc

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26.03.2017 21:08

Klubbkveld 5. april

Onsdag peppes i karl Johan Mest sosialt samvær, pizza og litt om ...

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19.01.2017 21:47

2017 er i gang ...

Nye ordninger med forsikring og lisens i år.

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25.04.2016 00:00

Styremøter 2016

12. mai: Styremøte 09. juni: Styremøte 14. juli: Styremøte 11.

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03.12.2016 22:24

Re: php web-koding

Hi, I can help you with website. Send me email to dragutinv@gmail.

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25.04.2015 13:10

Togbilletter til ...

Vi planla å reise til norgescuppen men fikk ikke anledning...

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Fredag 20.10.17 - kl. 19:47
Forumer :: PG Forum :: Visiting pilot in Oslo - What are the most popular sites?

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Visiting pilot in Oslo - What are the most popular sites?
Postet den: 09.06.2013 21:23
I will be in town from June 14 to June 22, and will be going flying at nearby sites anytime the wind is right.

I'd like to go to busy sites so I have a good chance at connecting with local pilots and getting advice about any special warnings or difficulties.

Oslo, Asker, Drammen, Hvittingfoss - Are there any special regulations, or do I just need to check the airspace restrictions and go for it? Insurance requirements? Club fees? I have my HPAC novice rating, 80 flights, 18 hours airtime. Strong launch skills, thanks to all the tricky cliff & tree launches in my hometown.



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Re: Visiting pilot in Oslo - What are the most popular sites?
Postet den: 10.06.2013 10:30
Hi Mark,

Busy sites around Oslo this time of year can be Grefsen (cliff), Solfjellstua (cliff), Sundvollen, Brandbukampen, Solbergåsen (cliff), Rygh and Hvittingfoss (+ some more)

As long as you are insured and respect airspace you are good to go. At Sundvollen there is a road toll to get up and a landing fee to the local farmer, at Brandbu there is a road toll to be paid by mobile and at Hvittingfoss a club fee you have to pay via bank afterwards.

Check out these sites for information from pilots going out:

More info on takeoff sites: http://no.flightlog.org/fl.html?l=1&a=2
And: http://www.flyparaglider.com/Meteogram.aspx (only in Norwegian, but you might succeed with a lot still)
Trond Nilsen - 95234414 - PP5 - trondnil at broadpark punkt no
Inside every older person is a younger person wondering...what the hell happened?

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Re: Visiting pilot in Oslo - What are the most popular sites?
Postet den: 10.06.2013 21:57
Perfect, to tusen takk for the great info. Easily double the usual amount of thanks.


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